Anti Ticks collar 100% natural
Chemical-free, non-toxic, insecticide-free Handmade in France in Avignon

Joydogcat ByeTic collars are natural repellents against ticks. Without any toxic danger for your dog or cat. They remove ticks with 3 elements: amber (smell and static electricity), ceramic EM (disturbs the tick receptors) and lavender oil to be applied to lava stones.
The necklaces are designed in France and handmade. They last several years thanks to the quality of their natural elements.

3 natural elements against the ticks

Anti ticks and fleas collar


Perfume (terpids) and static electricity

Rubbing on the hair gives off the resinous smell of Baltic amber (aromatic terpene molecules released by the coat repel ticks and fleas). Amber easily creating static electricity by natural friction on the hair, disturbs ticks and fleas.

Anti ticks and fleas collar

EM Ceramic

Efficient micro-organism

EM ceramic is composed of clay to which effective micro-organisms (EM) are added during anaerobic cooking (away from the air). These EMs emit magnetic resonances, vibrations, which disturb the tick’s receptors. It doesn’t hang on because her senses are troubled.

Anti ticks and fleas collar

Lava stone

Lavander essential oil

The lava stone : it is possible to add thanks to its porosity, a drop of lavender essential oil that repels ticks and fleas.

They talk about it

We interviewed our customers who bought our collars

Neo has no ticks since I put the necklace with amber and ceramics, which saves me from giving him his pill of the month of May which I find harmful and expensive

NEO, Charlotte

Very satisfied with the purchase of the tick collar. I haven’t seen one since he wore it. I add lavender essential oil every week on lava stones. Thanks Laurence !

LIPTON, Céline

Happy to have found this natural solution, the country walks are more serene!!

POPY, Annabelle

Finally an effective collar and without chemical!! No more ticks since Oia wears it

Oia, Alain

We advise you …

Collar Amber, EM ceramic and lava stone

(Lavander essentiel oil in option)

Starting from 38€

Amber collar

Price: starting from 38€