Natural necklaces ANTI-TICKS & LICE

The ByeTic, against ticks and fleas:

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Efficient
  • Chemical-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Insecticide-free
  • Handmade in France in Avignon

Joydogcat ByeTic collars are natural tick and flea repellents. These are flea and tick collars that pose no toxic danger to your pets. They remove ticks with 3 elements: amber (smell and static electricity), ceramic EM (disturbs the tick receptors) and lavender oil to be applied to lava stones.
Our flea and tick collars are handmade in France. They last several years thanks to the quality of their natural elements.

How do our anti-flea/mosquito collars work?

Joydogcat’s ByeTic collars are natural tick repellents, fleas and mosquitoes. These collars are completely safe for your pets. They ward off parasites thanks to 3 elements: amber (odour and static electricity)EM ceramic (disrupts tick receptors) and lavender oil (to be applied to lava stones).

Our flea and tick collars are handmade in France. They last for many years thanks to the quality of their components.

Des colliers super beaux faits avec amour des chiens. Réactivité, gentillesse je recommande à 100%.
Marie Mljn
Marie Mljn
Miskine a reçu son joli collier avec améthyste, quartz rose et soladite . En attendant de voir si cela peut lui convenir . Nous avons eu de très bons conseils , un envoi rapide et soigné. Merci !
très beaux colliers je recommande vivement joyDogCat
Marie-Hélène Bouchard
Marie-Hélène Bouchard
Equipe très à l’écoute. Le collier est très efficace sur mon chien qui est plus apaisé. Et de plus les pierres sont très belles. Il lui va à ravir !! Merci
Romain Muguet
Romain Muguet
Une super boutique avec de bons conseils ! Je recommande à 100% Ruby se porte beaucoup mieux depuis qu’elle a son collier, mille merci !
Sonia Boissé
Sonia Boissé
Une excellente boutique ! Personne professionnel et à l’écoute. Sully vous remercie pour son magnifique collier 🐶
Eliza Delille
Eliza Delille
Coucou Bien reçu Magnifique Merci
Kate Jones
Kate Jones

We recommend…

3 natural elements to fight ticks

collier anti tique et puce
Anti ticks and fleas collar


Perfume (terpids) and static electricity

Amber creates static electricity through natural friction on the hair, which disturbs ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.

Rubbing on the hair gives off the resinous smell of Baltic amber (aromatic terpene molecules released by the coat repel ticks and fleas).

Anti ticks and fleas collar

EM Ceramic

Efficient micro-organism

EM ceramics emit magnetic resonances and vibrations that disrupt the tick’s receptors. Parasites don’t latch on, because their senses are clouded.

EM ceramic is composed of clay to which effective micro-organisms (EM) are added during anaerobic cooking (away from the air).

Anti ticks and fleas collar

Lava stone

Lavander essential oil

To further optimize your pet’s protection against ticks, mosquitoes and fleas, you can add a drop of lavender essential oil, which repels parasites, to each collar maintenance.

They talk about it

We asked our customers about our pest control collars for dogs, who had ordered from us

Neo hasn’t had any ticks since I put him on the ceramic tick collar with the amber and ceramics, which means I don’t have to give him his May pill, which I find harmful and expensive. I approve of the flea and tick collar!

NEO, Charlotte

Very satisfied with the purchase of the tick collar. I haven’t seen one since he wore it. I add lavender essential oil every week on lava stones. Thanks Laurence !

LIPTON, Céline

Happy to have found this natural solution, the country walks are more serene!!

POPY, Annabelle

Finally an effective collar and without chemical!! No more ticks since Oia wears it

Oia, Alain

We spent our vacation in the Dordogne and didn’t get a flea or tick.

Yogy, Maryse
collier anti tique et puce
collier anti tique et puce 3
collier anti tique et puce 4
collier anti tique et puce 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The ByeTic collar is a highly effective alternative to tick collars containing elements that are toxic to your dog and to pills that diffuse insecticide into your dog’s body.

The ByeTic collar is 100% natural and good for your dog.

In addition to their anti-tick properties, the collar’s components provide your dog with a sense of well-being:

Amber has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties.

EM ceramic contains bacteria that are beneficial to your dog’s coat and health. It has a regenerative action.

Lavender essential oil has a calming and soothing effect on your dog.

The collar can be worn 24 hours a day.

If you only want to put it on occasionally :

  • If your dog always has access to the outdoors, you should put it on all day long.
  • You can take it off at night if he sleeps indoors.

And to be put on 1/2h before the walk if he lives indoors.

We advise you to start putting the collar on your dog as early as February to prevent him from becoming infested.

Because ticks arrive early and are very virulent as soon as temperatures start to warm up.

Action against ticks is immediate.

The amber will rub against the hair, creating static electricity and releasing pectins immediately.

EM ceramic will disturb ticks as soon as the collar is put on.

As for the essential oil, ticks are immediately bothered by it too.

We supply pretty pouches to store your necklaces.

EM ceramics remain effective for over 3 years. Amber has no expiration date. It’s a material that lasts forever. And neither does the lava stone.

Our necklaces are made in our workshop in Avignon, France.

We make all our necklaces from quality raw materials (French leather, fishing line, stones selected from the best French importers).

Yes, you can choose your size. Collars are adjustable over 5 cm. If you require a specific size, please contact us.

The collar can be worn by puppies from 6 months of age.

The collar’s components are water-resistant, except for the leather, which may harden when immersed in water.

So for maintenance, it’s essential to keep the leather out of the water. And remove the collar when swimming.

EM ceramics require soaking in water to reactivate every 15 days. Lavender essential oil should also be added to the lava stones every 15 days.

Soak the collar for 1/2 h with the leather out of the water. Dry and add lavender essential oil (1 drop on 4 or more stones, depending on the dog’s size).

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